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Keeping Joints Healthier is Easier than Ever

Aging does a lot to the body. It is a natural process and one we cannot really combat in a lot of ways. One of the most common bits of advice that medical professionals tend to give, however, is "use it or lose it". This is an adage that is commonly applied to the use of the joints and the muscles because they can stiffen and weaken over time, and if neglected they can often be impossible to return to proper working order.

This is why we are told to constantly move, exercise, and to eat a diet that is full of wholesome foods that support the cells of the body. We eat our antioxidants to help with fatigue and cell degradation, and we drink lots of water to supply the body with the essential hydration necessary for good health. These things are not a guarantee that we will remain fluid and free of pain or strain.

This is why supplements are a common way of overcoming the signs and symptoms of aging. However, over time a lot of people have learned that the most common supplements for joint aches and pains are not so good for them. This is not due to the compounds themselves but to the flood of manufacturers offering shoddy or low quality formulations.

Additionally, not all bodies are alike and not everyone with joint problems is in need of things such as glucosamine or chondroitin. Instead, many are in need of another natural material - collagen.

How it Works

Collagen is something that appears in every single bit of connective tissue in the animal body (yes, every animal has collagen). Some studies say that up to 25% of our body weight is connective tissue such as collagen, and that tells us it is of vital importance. What is shocking is that our bodies stop producing so much of it as we age, and this is what leads to wrinkles (collagen makes our skin springy and responsive and without it we begin to sag and form wrinkles everywhere), tendon problems, and even issues with the muscles and bones.

So, if you are encountering serious joint pain, and you are doing all of the things you know to be good for joint health, it could be that your body is in need of a bit of collagen boosting support. The use of dietary supplements that contain collagen have been proven to trigger the same collagen creating processes in the body that occur when we eat quantities of amino acids in our food.

The best news is that many supplements can be formulated to simultaneously trigger other processes that will nurture bone and joint health. For example, when the natural substance known as hyaluronic acid is included in a formulation that uses collagen it can help the joints to regain their natural lubrication even as more collagen is formed.

This is unprecedented good news for anyone looking to keep their joints healthy or to regain overall joint health. Like all things, a supplement works best with a good diet and regular exercise too.